Professional? Me? You bet your sweet bippy.

Welcome to my new professional blog!

If I’m going to be a famous author, I’d better start acting like one. And this is the first step! Well, the first step after writing an entire novel.

To give a quick update, last week I finished the third draft of my first Young Adult alternate reality novel, Bleeder, formerly titled Onset. It’s the first of a trilogy about a girl who is diagnosed with a genetic condition that turns her blood to acid. aka: Awesomeness.  Currently, I’m hoping to find an agent who wants to represent me in this venture!

And while we’re on the subject… As an actor, I’m used to rejection, but I’m not used to a two-month wait. The waiting game is the hardest thing for me. In the meantime you can expect me to start boosting my platform (like this blog!), write more articles for, and stay silent for long periods of time as I outline the rest of the trilogy and start the second book. My fingers are itching to write more about Angela, Kenneth, Billy, Edan, and Auger!

Don’t worry. I’ll keep you posted as I wait to hear back from agents.


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