What should my pen name be?

So… one thing I’ve been thinking about (and one thing that very astute Hannah, from yesterday’s post pointed out) is that my name is awesome: Laura Lee Anderson.

It is so awesome that lots of people have it.

In particular, a famous, successful, and talented YA writer has a very similar name: Laurie Halse Anderson. So I may need a pen name.

I’m sure you’re all familiar with the concept of a pen name- a person can’t use their real name for some weird reason so they make up a name that they write under. Mark Twain is actually a pen name- the poor guy’s real name was Samuel Langhorne Clemens. Try getting that published.

Now, like I said, I love my name. And I’m sure my future agent and future publisher will have their own opinions about my name. But let’s just say I need a pen name- which should I choose? Let me know! You can vote up to 3 times! 🙂


12 thoughts on “What should my pen name be?

  1. Shannon Howell says:

    Interesting, letting people vote.

    I just posted about why I added my middle initial to my blog (and apparently, I need to add it to my commenting persona/name/thinggy), so I find this very interesting & in step with what I was just thinking about. I hope you’ll post the results.

  2. jdhoward says:

    L Lee Anderson is best if you ask me. It’s a bit unique and for that reason, stands out over the other choice. Plus, it sounds like Ellie, when you hear it, but L Lee when you see it.

  3. sonjus says:

    What about “Laura Lee?” Like “Lee” is your last name… I like that. I also like the above suggestion… L Lee Anderson. Hmmmmm….

  4. danielle says:

    I was also thinking just Laura Lee, because it gives you a full name without revealing too much. Some people only go by one name so you could also combine and be Lauralee (although I think that’s mainly musicians) but L. Lee is interesting enough too!

  5. Susie Brautigam says:

    I think I have to vote for Laura Lee Brautigam (how cool would it be to see that published?!) but I also like Laura Anderson Lee.

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