Cuts and Keepers

I don’t know what to blog today, so here are some sentences from Bleeder that didn’t make the, er, cut.

“Rocky was kicked around like a pinball in the backseat, and curled into the right window.” (in fact, anything mentioning Rocky was cut because Rocky himself no longer exists)

“She was surprised at how easily the lie came.”

“She had forgotten for a minute how handsome he was. And now she remembered.”

“He looked like he had just swallowed a quarter. Or a gold dollar. And still he wiped his hands on his pants.”

“The waitress really liked Billy although she knew he had done nothing but lie to her.”

“Angela knew something was terribly wrong.” (hehe for those of you in the know. That sentence was in, like, 3 times. Way to go, Laura!)

“She wondered if her dad’s death had been an accident. She wondered if her mom was safe. She sent a silent prayer up to heaven.”

“kid-napping” (for a whole chapter I somehow thought that it was hyphenated).

And here are some that did make it in: (again- just random sentences)

“Post-it notes were laminated to protect against the rain, but nothing could stop the silk carnations from bleeding into the ground.”

“‘Don’t do that,’ he said, letting her wrist go, looking back out the window, and re-draping himself on the chair. ‘You  look fierce. Like a warrior. Don’t mess it up.'”

“The man looked at him, eyes wide. ‘Don’t touch me,’ he whispered through his mangled face. ‘Don’t hurt me…”

“‘Ladies first,’ he doffed his baseball hat and mock-bowed, smiling like they were going to some hellish prom.”

“‘I don’t care, honey. I don’t care,” the old lady said as she hugged her to her chest and cried into her hair. ‘You are my girl, and I will always hug you.'”

“The doorbell rang.”

“‘I’ve been biding my time ever since.’ He looked at Angela, ‘and I think that time is here.'”

“After an impatient drive, the teenagers entered through the doors and breathed in the intoxicating smell of commercialism.”

“She nodded, trying to catch her breath, the tears making black streaks down her face.”

“Billy came up struggling, two fistfuls of glass tearing his hands to shreds and turning them lethal.”

Hope you enjoyed your disjointed, completely random preview of Bleeder!  If you want to learn more, check out my “bio” page. (I think my favorite part was “The doorbell rang.” Beautiful. Just beautiful) 😉


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