“Any dream worth having a dream worth fighting for”

Last week I took a very scientific, highly-respected, proven personality test, the Myers-Briggs. And I was thoroughly pleased with my results. Honestly, I think they explain me pretty well.

This week… Which Superhero Am I? (And just how does that apply to writing…?)

Well folks, irony abounds: I am Professor X, the man quoted in this blog’s title.

“Why is that ironic?” you ask.

“Because,” I answer, “Clever Hannah likened Bleeder to the X-Men!”  Remember? Given that I’m the creator of the Bleeders and he’s the creator of the X-Men, we’re practically twins.

How do I feel about my result? Pretty darn good! I love Professor X- he’s smart and classy and generous. And he’s played by Patrick Stewart in the movies- total plus.

And what does that have to do with my writing? I guess it makes me feel pretty good. I would trust a story written by Professor X. I think he’s hardworking and action-driven, somewhat political and very kind. And as you can tell from the quote, he fights for his dreams, just like me.

Good job, superhero test  I think you got it right!


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