This weekend was ridic’ bro (as one of my most talented teen Shakespeare actors would say).

Number of…

…hours driven: at least 8

…miles driven: at least 350

…hours spent cleaning out a friend’s house: 7

…bags of trash resulting from that seven hours: 15

…performances attended: 3

…standing ovations given: At least 3. Probably closer to 5

…times that, “I’m so glad to be here!” was said: At least 30

…congratulations given: at least 50

…minutes spent online: 30

…library books that are now overdue: 3

…words written: 0.

So what is the conclusion to this madness?


For the first time EVER I am giving myself grace on my deadline. For my first book, I won Nanowrimo, had the second draft done by Dec 31, and the third draft done by Feb 29. But this time, for the first time, I am giving myself a week of grace.

New first draft date: May 18.

This, I can do. Waking up at 5:30 to open the coffee shop? That was a bit harder.

PS- This might also blow your mind.

What (and where) I ate yesterday:

*A sausage biscuit and coffee from a Burger King in West Virginia

*A hotdog and baked beans and a brownie at a church picnic in Ohio.

*Two cupcakes and two crackers at a concert reception in Ohio.

*A strawberry/walnut salad and chips with dip (great combination, I know!) at my house back in Pennsylvania.

Thank God for vitamins.


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