Updates shmupdates!

*The website that I write for (www.brocouncil.com) is auditioning for Shark Tank (tv show on ABC), so I’ve been trying to put some kick-butt articles together for them. (PS blogger friends- they take outside articles, too- just click on “submit your stuff” and upload whatever file you think could pertain to guys! You can ask for a link back to your blog, if you want.)

*I gave pdfs of Bleeder to a few discerning friends. Hoping for honest feedback. Adding that to the pile of things I wait for.

*I wrote about 3000 words yesterday. And it’s about time! In the process, a friend complimented me on my writing playlist. I drank iced coffee and ate grapes. Later, when I was done with my 3000, I ate pizza and watched The Mentalist. It was spectacular.

*This is what my mind screams as my characters are still in the woods and all of my sentences start with “She”: “FIRST DRAFT FIRST DRAFT FIRST DRAFT! JUST GET IT OUT! THIS WILL BE CHANGED!!!!” Yes, it’s that manic.

*The Backspace conference enters my mind sometimes and makes my palms sweat. Then my stomach jumps around until I pretend it doesn’t exist again.
*Speaking of that, I need to order business cards. Like, yesterday.
*I won a book in a goodreads giveaway and have been trying to read it for about two weeks now. There are just too many characters in too many locations and too many time periods. They’re all squished together and I don’t really care about any of them. I feel like I have to read it, though, since I won it with the understanding that I would review it. Maybe after today’s 3000…
Blogger friends: Do you give bad reviews? I didn’t realize this was a topic of contention until recently. I just thought you should write what you think, no matter what. What should I do? Help a newbie out!
*Thank you and good lunch! Happy weekend!

2 thoughts on “Updates shmupdates!

  1. Writerlious says:

    Wow. You are busy, girl! Don’t let your palms sweat over Backspace -you will be awesome. 🙂

    I don’t give less than a 3 on Goodreads. If I think it’s worse than that, I suck it up and give it a 3, or I don’t review it at all. I didn’t use to care, but now that I’m hoping to be published myself, I feel kind of bad for the authors whose writing is kind of….meh. My mom always said, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

    • Laura Lee Anderson says:

      Thank you for the encouragement and advice! I just feel obligated since I won this book to review it. *sigh* I don’t know. You’re right, though- I don’t want people to be mean about my book if they don’t like it. I think I’ll write my review, then going back and edit it to sound slightly more diplomatic!

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