Hope your day doesn’t eat your face!

You know how they say that life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it? Well, today it’s 2% what happens to me and 98% how I’m reacting to it. And inside, I’m not reacting well. A guy picked up a muffin sprinkled with chocolate chips, held it up, and asked “What kind of muffin is this?” This is what I said: “That is a chocolate chip muffin.” This is what my brain was saying, “Are you an idiot?! What kind of muffin is sprinkled with chocolate chips?! Idiot!” I know- my angry brain was completely over-reacting. So I decided that as soon as I leave this building, I will have a better day. Here’s how:

Release myself from responsibilities. Laundry? Everybody wears dirty socks sometimes. Newspaper article? If it finds me, it finds me. I will not look for it. Overdue library books? What’s another 3 dollars? Blog? Only because I want to.

Eat something real. A mocha and a biscotti aren’t cutting it today. Yesterday I ate two pieces of pizza, half a grilled cheese sandwich, and another mocha. Cheese, cheese, dairy, dairy, chocolate. No wonder I feel crappy.

Breathe out the hate. There’s a lot of hate on facebook today. From all sides. Yuck. I feel like it’s infecting my blood and making me sticky. Yeah, that sentence just happened. Deal with it. 🙂 But I really can’t let it mess with my brain and my soul the way that it has.

Take a nap.

Don’t think about the future, think about the now. And not the crappy now. The good now: People are loving my book as I write this. I have a cute doggie with floppy ears. I’m alive. Maybe I’ll move back into my third-floor, broken-windowed office today since the weather cooled down and write there.

Write, write, write. Maybe tonight, after everything’s over, I will be able to blissfully say, “I wrote 2,000 words today,” and that will feel oh so good.

And finally, contradictorily, Have no expectations. None. That way I can’t be upset when things don’t happen.

Here’s hoping the day improves! And to those of you having bad days- it doesn’t get better until you decide it gets better. So if you want to wallow, go ahead and wallow! But if you don’t- make up your own plan.


4 thoughts on “Hope your day doesn’t eat your face!

  1. byamandaleigh says:

    You’re posts are always so engaging, I love reading them! If your book is anything like your blogging I cannot wait for it to be published! I’ll be your first fan in Montreal…

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