LaNoWriMo RULES! I won my own prize!

I did it!

*insert manic laughter here*

I did it! After a very intense 6 weeks (and a real sprint to the finish of this marathon) I am finally done with the first 50,000 words of my second book. I met my goal. I met it with gusto.

So take THAT crazy life! Take THAT car that won’t work and teen that won’t behave and thousands of miles driven and tons of meetings and thousands of lattes (made, not drunk) and jungle-lawn and concerts and shows and workshops and dishes and meals and laundry and doggie! I met my goal on time!

My own, personal LaNoWriMo (Laura’s Novel Writing Month) was a SUCCESS!

I will post more about this on a day that I haven’t already written 5000+ words. For now, I will rest my tired eyes and FINALLY get to read my 3-week overdue library books (contradictory! I know!). Oh yeah, and get ready for the Backspace conference on Thursday. And sleep! Mostly sleep, actually. I am definitely about to sleep.


PS- I fixed about 4 typos just now. I bet if you look real hard you might be able to find more, but no promises.

Because I. Am going. To bed.


7 thoughts on “LaNoWriMo RULES! I won my own prize!

  1. Patricia Miller says:

    Love your enthusiasm! Great blog! EBPike recommended your blog to me. Attending Backspace also. The three of us are in Thursday groups together. BTW, I have a cheerleader too. Everyone should. Isn’t it great?

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