The Big Apple

I am having a blast here in NYC. I can easily see how people fall in love with it. The original Land of Opportunity- you can practically smell it! (Or maybe you’re actually smelling the person next to you but who am I to say what opportunity smells like?)

The conference has been extremely helpful. I have loved meeting writers from all over the country (actually all over the world!), many of whom are newbies like me.

It’s very different from acting conferences- most people don’t come with a partner or a group, so everybody is kind of forced to talk to each other if they want any friends at all! And the weird sense of competition that surrounds acting conferences seems… diminished. Everybody doesn’t look at everyone like they’re sizing each other up. And for all of you people who read my post posing a certain question about writers… I have seen one hug. But today is the second day of the conference, so there may be a few  more hugs going around! I’ll keep you informed.

And… get this folks… I actually got a chance to read! Like, real books! On the bus on the way here! So you can be looking forward to reviews of My Name Is Mina and Black Heart in just a few days. 🙂

Thank you for your good thoughts and prayers- they are working!

Oh! And thanks to Ru who made an awesome connection for me and Eric, getting us a backstage tour of Spiderman, the musical with one of the actors! It was incredible to see how much goes into a Broadway show! And Paul is really nice. 🙂

Now off to the second day…


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