Retreat! Retreat!

Today I leave for a retreat with the inner-city high school Shakespeare group that my husband and I started. (If you want to learn more about Shakes, check out my bio)

This year we’re doing Julius Caesar set in modern/grunge/almost futuristic Rome in a style we’re calling “Rome Punk.” Wanna see some inspiration pictures?

Plebians (commoners):







It will be set in the round, with a deconstructed Colosseum feel. 100-person intimate audience. We’re at a legit theatre space in the cultural district this year, and it will be totally awesome.

Anyway… we’re kicking the whole thing off with a retreat to a local college. We’re gonna stay on-campus, eat in the dining hall, and use their theatre space to rehearse! We’re really hoping that it inspires our kids. A lot of them would be the first in their families to go to college if they were to go.

All of our students are smart enough to go to college. I mean, they each memorize hundreds of lines of Shakespearean English. All of them are hard workers- they get the whole play ready in just six weeks. There is no reason for them not to go to college! Unless they decide not to try. And that’s a blog in itself. 🙂

So yeah! Go Caesar! Let’s do this thing.


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