The Housework Rhyme for Me, a Writer

How does somebody schedule writing, reading, reviewing, and blogging, all into their daily schedule? “Write every day,” some people say. “Read every day,” other people say. “You have to blog every day!!!” still other people say.

Well guess what? That just makes me crazy! After coming home from 6 hours of Shakespeare with teenagers, knowing that I have to type up a rehearsal report and work on Sound Design (among whatever else happens to pop up), make food, take care of the house and the dog and the hubby (who is busy with all things Shakes), I really don’t want to add “Read, blog, write, review, query…” to my list. I get overwhelmed and end up watching America’s Got Talent or even worse, The Choice. It’s depressing and nothing gets done.

Never fear!Β Little House on the Prairie is here. Here is Ma’s housework rhyme:

“Wash on Monday,

Iron on Tuesday,

Mend on Wednesday,

Churn on Thursday,

Clean on Friday,

Bake on Saturday,

Rest on Sunday.”

And just how does that apply to writers? Especially writers who have all-consuming jobs (like putting on a high-quality Shakespeare show with Β at-risk teens)? Well, this is what I’m going to try this Summer. Let’s see if it works:

“Write on Monday,

Blog on Tuesday,

Read on Wednesday,

Blog on Thursday,

Write on Friday,

Write on Saturday,

Read on Sunday.”

I will have about an hour break during most days (like right now) during which our Shakespeare expert is teaching English and show-specific Shakespeare stuff to our kids. That is the perfect time for reviewing or querying, so you may see the odd review pop up from time to time. But even if I don’t stick to it, writing feels much more manageable- even easy- when I see it spread out in front of me.

What is your writer “housework rhyme?” How do you all of you busy people manage to do all of those writerly things? Does anybody just get fed up and watch Masterchef? What would save you from that fate? πŸ™‚ I’m excited to hear your answers!


4 thoughts on “The Housework Rhyme for Me, a Writer

  1. byamandaleigh says:

    I “try” and write a bit each day so I don’t feel like I’m going to get bored of my book. I try nd blog early in the mornings during the week otherwise I wont get it done. I read on my lunch break and a bit at night if the book is really good, and I hardly ever find time to review books anymore.

    I also don’t do too well with set schedule. Flying by the seat of pants has worked for me so far πŸ™‚

    But I will always find time for Gordon Ramsay.


  2. Writerlious says:

    Oh this is too clever!! I love that you thought of this housework rhyme comparison. I need to make my own, because I’m going crazy half the time too. πŸ™‚

    My rhyme currently goes something like: drink coffee and stay up late, get up early, exist continually on not enough sleep.

    So, yeah, my rhyme pretty much sucks.

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