You beslubbering, common-kissing bug bear!

One of our favorite annual Shakes activities is a good old-fashioned Shakespearean insults battle.

We split them up into teams and give them a list of adjectives and let ’em rip! There is a very subjective judge who usually keeps the score pretty even and all kinds of fun posturing and silly antics. Nobody gets insulted and everybody laughs a lot. It usually starts with “You’re a…” or (even better) “Yo’ mama is a…”

Here are some of the best:

Team 1-

Bootless, sheep-biting maggot pie!

Lumpish, milk-livered dewberry!

Mangled, earth-vexing giglet!

Cockered, boil-brained lout!

Fobbing, swag-bellied puttock! (swag-bellied was a popular favorite)

Puking, half-faced foot-licker!

Team 2-

Puny, ill-breeding boar pig!

Puking, plump-plucked puttock!

Venomed, fool-born foot licker!

Bootless, onion-eyed wagtail!

Errant, droning, fen-sucked poopface! (I don’t know how poopface got in there…)

Rank, folly-fallen clotpole.

So which team won? šŸ™‚


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