Monumental Moonbeams

Everybody knows that Shakespeare invented a lot of words. Some of them are very common! We had a whole game during Shakes that had to do with the words that he invented- here is the play we wrote in 5 minutes! It contains 39 words that Shakespeare invented. Which ones are they…? (All the names except mine have been changed to protect the innocent…) 🙂 It’s called Monumental Moonbeams…

Laura: Is everyone ready for our zany roadtrip? I don’t want to be hurried on the road!

Dede: I can’t contain my excitement!

Amy: Oh! I left my blanket in my bedroom! Brb!

Kayla: Everyone put your luggage in the car.

Laura: I’m going to start backing up!

Dede: Look out for that bump.

Matt: I bet you she hits it…


-2 Hours Later-

Amy: I think I’m going to be sick!

Mandy: She’s puking! It’s an obscene amount of puke!

Laura: I’ll pull over. I’m a champion of pulling over.

*Pull over- Laura, Mandy, Amy, and Kayla leave the car*

Matt: (to Dede) Do you like my swagger?

Dede: Haha I’m blushing. You’re so fashionable. Sometimes I stare at you in amazement!

Matt: Well, you’ll be staring at me during your assassination!

*kills her* *everybody returns*

Laura: The dawn is dwindling…

Mandy: There was a cold-blooded premeditated murderer on the loose!

Kayla: There appears to be varied forms of torture!

Amy: How gloomy! Where is the bloodstained bandit?

Matt: As the only man I feel accused. How laughable! Labe me ermorseless! I’ve metamophosized into a green-eyed mountaineer.

Mandy: Is he drugged? Does he have an addiction? Is this a bath salt zombie outbreak?

Amy: This is unreal! And all because I wanted skim milk!

*all bow*


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