I accidentally published this with no title. Oops. :)

So how’s the writers housework rhyme working out for me?

Well… I’m not going to beat myself up about it. One of my not-so-healthy tendencies is to beat myself up about every little thing. This time, I’m not gonna do it! Ha! Instead, I’m going to celebrate a few minor accomplishments:

1) I painted my dining room. Yay! It was an ugly oatmeal color. My husband went away for the weekend and I wanted to surprise him. My friend Brittany came over and we spent the entire weekend painting. Now it’s a lasting beautiful.

2) Book 2 is marinating. I have been encouraged! (This post from Writer Unboxed was especially helpful). No, the first draft is not great. Yes, the first draft is a first draft. I’ve learned a lot from it and the fresh ideas in which it is soaking are top-notch. I’m excited to get back to it.

3) I’ve started querying again. I read the Query Shark archives for about 3 days over the span of a week, re-wrote my query about 4 times, and sent it off to the Shark herself! In the meantime, though, her archives helped me so much that I took the new query out for a spin, querying 3 agents.

4) I read the first five-star book I’ve seen since… well a long time. My review on The Fault in Our Stars is here.

5) I’ve been averaging a little over 20 hits per day on days that I don’t touch my blog. That number used to be 7 (again, on un-touched days). Now that makes me happy.

6) Shakes is going really well. I love these kids. The show is going to be spectacular.

7) Look! It’s a picture of my doggie!

All in all, I think that living life is a necessary component to making art. I have been living a lot of life lately. I’m excited to spill it out onto a page really soon.

Happy summer! Go swimming for me!


12 thoughts on “I accidentally published this with no title. Oops. :)

  1. budsmith says:

    Cool to see you are doing good things with your query. That query shark is a great resource. I’m gonna haunt that place myself when I rewrite my query.

    I actually rewrote my query twice during the conference.

      • budsmith says:

        I remember your too. You also had the coooooooolest buisness cards. The kids kept talking about them. I’d give them my hand made ones and they’d say, “Oh, wow! You and that girl with the spilled ink cards have the best ones!”

        They are so envious of our business cards.

        Bidness cards.

        As in “Takin Care a bidness”

  2. byamandaleigh says:

    Good luck with the new batch of queries! My fingers are crossed for you because being published would be amazing and also because I definitely plan on getting a copy of Bleeder one day :).

  3. Desirae says:

    Great post! The Query Shark is awesome! I had the privilege to meet her at Backspace and she was way cool! So what color did you end up painting your living room? 🙂

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