Not done yet…

The run was awesome! Tour was awesome! I’ll go more in-depth with show pictures later. For now, here’s how tour went:


Our kids performed a short preview in a new space with new blocking and no tech. Who rocks? They do.


Surprised my dad by bringing 20 people to sing happy birthday to him at his office.

Hiked: Screamed at crayfish and salamanders, slipped and fell on mossy rocks, and got nice and sweaty. Everybody was tired, nobody was hurt: Success!

Went to a rodeo! Cowboy hats were bought, fried dough was eaten, plaid was worn.

Had a midnight campfire. Told fake scary stories and laughed a lot.


Oo- a great lake.

Saw one of the last stops on the Underground Railroad. History!

Went to our performance space, which was GORGEOUS, set up everything, performed.

Dance party! Tear down! Doughnuts! Sardines!


Niagara Falls! Maid of the Mist!

Sleep all the way back to Pittsburgh…

And today…?

Flying standby to Florida with my husband and two of our students. We’re going on a cruise with The Master Class Academy!

Sorry for the quick update- more details and reflections are to come.

(PS- I may actually get to write at some point this week. Or read. Yay!)


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