BookTales! A-woo-hoo!

Thanks for sticking it out, friends. This summer my posts all but disappeared.

It has been quite a summer! I promise I will tell you all about the success that was Shakes, but that will come later. There will be pictures and stories and all kinds of things! But for now…? For now I will swim in my words like Scrooge McDuck swims in money. It may not be good swimming. It may not be even passable swimming. But I don’t care! I will swim anyway!

I’ve missed words. Over the summer, books became stressful- more work on my to-do list. Writing became impossible as 14-hour work days became the norm (The ultimate goal was to be done by the time Master Chef came on tv. Then I made myself stop working. Sometimes.) No longer! Today was my first day back at the coffee shop. After a mere 7-hour workday, it is amazing how much brain power and creativity I have left!

Some friends I met at the Backspace conference are doing a book swap. It is a wonderful time of booking and swapping. I have already swapped twice. Time to book tonight!

Soon I will begin some revisions (based on lots of swappin’ good feedback) on Bleeder 1.

I. Can’t. Wait.

Happy living!


3 thoughts on “BookTales! A-woo-hoo!

      • Ryan M. Murphy says:

        The short answer would be:

        1.) No television or high-speed internet at my house.
        2.) No social networking (except work-related).
        3.) Use an iPhone to organize my life and for e-mail, internet, etc.

        The first two are the most important. By eliminating those, it gives me the time to do everything I do. 🙂

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