Anxious editing

I am currently the most anxious of anxious people.

Well, maybe not as anxious as a lady who’s about to have a baby (or her husband, for that matter).

I’m as anxious as a person who has a huge grocery shopping trip to complete, and still has another 30 minutes of work left. That’s how anxious I am.

Because after the hugest grocery shopping trip ever, I’m going to put all those groceries away and begin reading the book I haven’t touched since April. My adrenaline level is creeping up just thinking about it.

And I’m not quite sure how to do this.

Since putting the book down I’ve gotten similar feedback from a couple of different sources, all having to do with the first half of it. So do I take notes on paper as I go? Or just read straight through and see how the first half differs from the second? Do I fix it as I go?

Help, writer friends! What works for you?


15 thoughts on “Anxious editing

  1. weavinglight says:

    I tend to edit as I go, but in this case it might be useful to read it through to see how the first half differs from the second and then go back to edit. You might not be able to help yourself though. I never can! Good luck though.

  2. K. McGee says:

    Don’t make changes, but do make lots of notes as you go. There may be little things you notice that aren’t part of the big structure picture, but in the end they will need to be addressed.

  3. sorrygnat says:

    I don’t edit as I go; i just blow it out. And then, I revise. and then, I revises; and then I revise. notes are in my head; it’s good when 80-90@ of the energy is on the page, then i know i have something good. when it’s ready to publish, i pay someone to edit it! i was a legal secretary, and my finished product is pretty clean, but blowing it out works the best for me. best wishes!

  4. budsmith says:

    I like to edit as I go. When I’m all done, I do another re-write. Then have somebody copy edit it.

    So a whole slew of things. Good luck to you. I’m doing my re-writes on my April book also!

    • Laura Lee Anderson says:

      I hope your April book gets published soon. I would like to read it! I think I might give this method a shot- I really don’t know how I could keep my fingers still while I read. Then after little edits, I’ll do a big-picture re-write (if it needs it, which it might. Le sigh).

      • budsmith says:

        The book is definitely being published. Fo sho. If you’d like to read it in it’s 2nd draft phase, I’d be happy for you to look it over.

        Right now I’m editing as I go, taking notes…

        You should try it that way. It works for me

  5. Patricia Miller says:

    I prefer to read it all through once. Then I go through again, marking the changes I want to make, then I get on my netbook and make those changes. I have found the changes to be easier this way.

  6. cgiovanniwrites says:

    I personally, upload my novel on to my kindle and use the highlight feature and then edit the word document with my notes. This is for flow though and typos. When I look for grammar I just open the word file and rip into it!

  7. Writerlious says:

    Good luck, Laura Lee! I don’t have any good advice. I’m so OCD I can’t sit on my hands long enough to read through it the whole way without making any changes, so I don’t have any basis for comparison!

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