The Writer Mug

Last year (at about this time, actually) I decided to take this writing thing seriously. So I got a book from the library about writing fiction. In the first chapter, it suggested that a hobbyist-turned-pro should buy a mug that says WRITER on it. “Whenever you doubt yourself,” it said, ” just look at the mug and it will remind you of who you are.” Or something like that.

“What a great idea!” I thought. Being the thrifty girl I am, though, I didn’t go out and order one, or go to a special store for artsy types to find one. Instead, I perused the Goodwill mugs and the TJ Maxx mugs and the Marshall’s mugs, thinking that surely there must be a WRITER mug somewhere! They have SAGITTARIUS mugs and PRINCESS mugs and  I HEART CATS mugs. I know for a fact that there are more writers than princesses in the United States. Unfortunately, the mug population in discount stores does not reflect this fact.

I have looked for that mug for a year. It is no longer just a mug. No, the WRITER mug has become something of a holy grail for me. A sign from the heavens. I’m not exactly sure what that sign will mean (except for the obvious. I mean, come on: WRITER.), but until it comes, I will continue to inspect every single mug I see.

What’s your writer’s holy grail? A letter from an agent or an editor? A mug, a fountain pen, a bullet-proof vest..? Let me know!


12 thoughts on “The Writer Mug

  1. Amy says:

    I hope you find your mug. I sometimes think that the writing that sells best is the “How to Write” genre — there seems to be a lot of it. I heard (the late) Robert B. Parker speak once, at a seminar for mystery fans. He said “Writers write. They don’t sharpen pencils, they don’t ask their sisters in law to review their manuscripts. They write.” It has seemed like good advice to me for 20 years — very good advice, and very hard to follow.

  2. Vernon Smith says:

    I have a pair of boxer shorts that say “writing, please do not disturb!” across the back. I’m not sure why this message printed there, but that pair of underwear is like my holy grail. :/

    • Laura Lee Anderson says:

      I think ebay may be cheating… it’s the specific search for a mug that’s against my weird little policy. If I’m in Goodwill or Marshall’s or something, it’s like, “Oh I just happened to be in the area, and happened to walk by the mugs and happened to glance down… Drat.” 🙂

  3. dakegra says:

    I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect mug for a long time, and stumbled across this post. I think a ‘writer’ mug would be perfect! There do seem to be a lack of good ones around though – I’m now wondering about one of these print your own places, and knocking up a suitable graphic, maybe using the same font as they’ve used on Nathan’s custom flak jacket…

    Nice bit, navy blue mug with a chunky WRITER in block font. Hmmm.

    *wanders off to investigate…*

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