School days…

Today is the first day of school here in Pittsburgh, so here are some school thoughts:

(This is not my school, but I like the picture)

I graduated high school with a class of 68 people.

I read all the way through 9th grade math class. My math teacher was always telling stories about my sister who’s a math genius, but he informed me as I graduated that he also started telling a story about me! I believe the story went like this: “You can do anything you want in this class as long as you keep your grades up. Laura Brautigam read books all the way through every class, but she got 98% on every single test. She probably could’ve gotten 100% if she’d put the book down. But I guess 98 is good enough. So feel free to do whatever you want during my class, if you keep your grades up.”

Also in 9th grade, we got a brand new science teacher. He came into our class on the first day of school with the whole, “You all start with an A in my class! I want to be more than a teacher- I want to be your friend!” thing and we just licked our chops. The next year he started the first day of school with a “You are currently all failing my class. In my class, you have to earn your A.” And he was the best Earth Science teacher our school had ever seen. He had a 95% passing rate for the New York State Regents Earth Science test. No joke. I think our class largely takes credit for his success. 😉

Anyway, I have a full afternoon approaching and my coffee shop shift is over! More school tales to come, I’m sure… if any classmates want to ask for or recount a specific story, please do!



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