Julius Caesar Production Pictures

For those of you who may just be joining us, (Hi new subscribers!) I spent pretty much all summer working with Urban Impact Shakes- a Shakespeare program that my husband and I created for inner-city youth. You can learn more about Shakes here, in my bio, or just type “Shakes” in the search bar and all kinds of posts will appear!

Anyway… This year, we did Julius Caesar, and I promised you pictures of the show. Here they are!

Disclaimer: These are not all of the show pictures! These are just the ones that my husband happened to have on his flash drive. There are some cast members who aren’t pictured (Soothsayer, anyone?) and some that are barely pictured (Mark Antony is in the corner of the killing Casca picture). So don’t worry! More pictures are to come.

Me doing my husband’s makeup for a photo shoot. He was one of the two adults in the show.


Caesar and his wife, Calpurnia.

Brutus and his wife, Portia.

Cassius, the bad guy (or in our case, girl) who turns Brutus against Caesar and organizes the senators.

The senators leaving Caesar’s dead body after they’ve killed him.

Casca is about to be killed after Mark Antony turns the crowd against the senators.


Brutus and Cassius plan their next move.


Caesar’s ghost comes back to haunt Brutus.


Brutus dies and is held by Lucius.

Thanks for stopping by! Hopefully there’ll be more pictures in a few weeks.


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