Jingle Jangle

During high school, I lived in Alaska for a few months.

When my dad would walk home from the hospital through the nighttime woods (he’s a doctor), he would “sing to the bears,” or “whistle to the bears.”

Because in Alaska, there are bears.

The stores sell Bear Bells for those people who don’t want to sing or whistle to the bears. Bear Bells are little bells that clip to your jacket so you won’t surprise the bear. It will hear you coming and run away, instead of eating you.

My keys are my Urban Bear Bells.

When I walk around the city, especially in the early morning before the sun comes up, I hold them loosely by my side. They jingle as I turn corners and alert all the dog-walkers, nurses, and teachers that I am coming.

You know, so they’ll run away instead of eating me.


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