That awkward conversational pause was because…

I was editing for so long, I’m taking everything too literally. It’s confusing.

This guy doesn’t get it either.


Somebody says, “Could you see where she got that idea?”

I think, “No, of course I couldn’t see the location where she got that idea. Oh! She means, ‘Do you know how she got that idea?'”

I answer, “Yes, I think I know how she got that idea.”


Another example:

I read in a script, “She is looking through her pencils.”

I imagine her holding the pencils up to her face, looking through them like a screen.

I think, “Oh wait! She means sorting her pencils, or rummaging through them.”


It’s bad, friends. It’s bad…


3 thoughts on “That awkward conversational pause was because…

  1. Writerlious says:

    Ha –a beta (my stepmom) found one of those in my novel. The line was: “She slapped his hand off.” She informed me that she pictured his bloody hand falling to the ground, leaving behind a stump.

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