The calm before the storm

It’s almost time for Halloween.

Almost time for Nanowrimo.

Almost time for Frankenstorm.

“What’s Frankenstorm?” you may ask. No, it’s not the title of my Nano book, it’s a crazy storm that’s coming up the East coast of the US right now. Evidently a hurricane is meeting a cold front for the first time in history and nobody knows what’s going to happen. From the looks of it? Rain and wind. A lot of both.

I, for my part, am stuck in a beautiful Bed and Breakfast, on vacation. The B and B is smack on the inland track of the storm. Nothing like Southern Victorian decor, cable tv, popcorn, and a Keurig to keep me satisfied, though.

The plan for today? Blog, nap, watch HGTV, do a little Nano plotting, play a new board game with my hubby (called “Elder Sign”- it’s a co-op card game based off of Arkham Horror, for you gamer nerds out there), read some of the book I’m critiquing for The Club (oh yeah, I just used our new name in a blog post. Now it’s fo’ real), drink coffee, and eat chocolate.

This, my friends, is the definition of vacation.

Come back to me in a week or two and I will be pulling my hair out, crying about messed-up plotlines, and hoping I get to eat turkey on Thanksgiving.

Bring it on, NaNoWriMo.

Bring. It. On.

PS- My Nano writing buddy name is Laurabirdd. Add me!


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