Connective Tissue

Has it really been a week since my last post?


So, I’m 7746 words into this new book, and I’m in love. Ga-ga, puppy-dog, honeymoon love.

I’m also realizing that more research was needed!

And connective tissue.

The scenes show up, practically fully formed, already in technicolor in my head. Except for a few surprises- the girl wants to be an ethno-musicologist. The boy’s name is Carter, not Clark. You know, the usual stuff.

But man-oh-man the connective tissue.

They forgot the fifth one- literary connective tissue.

I have backstory, I have action, I have some rockin’ voice (!!!!), and I have these gorgeous, technicolor scenes. But it’s hard to string it all together.

Solution? Forget about stringing it together. At least for now. This is, after all, my crappy first draft. For now it will be a collection of scenes. I’ll add the connective tissue in the first revision.

Can we write it? Yes we can!


2 thoughts on “Connective Tissue

  1. Writerlious says:

    Words on paper, sister! You’ll get the nice “connective tissue” in the second draft. Congrats on your word count! You’re plugging right along. 🙂 Still can’t wait to read Bleeder!

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