Crunch time, baby

Update? You want an update?

How about: I have to write 15,000 words in 5 days.

Can we write it? Yes we can!


6 thoughts on “Crunch time, baby

  1. CG Blake says:

    You can do it. Keep going. I reached 50,000 words on Sunday but I hated the first chapter. So I decided to rewrite it, but the revised chapter knocked the word count down to 49500. So I had to go back and add more details. Still polishing as I write this. Keep writing!

    • Laura Lee Anderson says:

      Thanks! I did a ton last night and I’m getting ready to do a ton more tonight. In no way am I under the impression that this will be anything close to a polished draft! There’s a dead spot of about three weeks of book-time where I just gave up and skipped to the next full scene! Definite revisions are coming in December.

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