Dreamy NaNo Butterflies

You know what’s fun?

Watching all of my blogger friends emerge from their Nano cocoons. 🙂

Here I am! Emerging from mine! I’m not quite a butterfly, but I wrote a book!

My first weekend of December was awesome. And by “awesome,” I mean “productive.”

Christmas shopping, bill paying, laundry doing, coupon clipping, house cleaning… I’m still not caught up from NOT doing those things all November, but it’s a lot better than it used to be!

On the agenda for tonight?

Napping. Visiting with a friend. Writing a grocery list. Vacuuming. Working on a critique for The Club.

All of these things will hopefully create a nice buffer between me and my Nano-baby. We need some time apart before I review and write a list of things to add (and remove- sorry character named Jeremy) when I revise.

Sometimes when I’m making a latte or matching socks, a new scene or device or character will pop into my  head. I happily think about it for a while and promptly forget which flavor latte I’m making or whose socks I’m matching.

So be kind to your barista, blog-o-sphere. Her mind may be preoccupied with people that don’t exist. 🙂


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