I have this burning desire to… EDIT! (no, really)

I want to edit my book.

Like, really, really want to. Just now, as I made a triple medium half-caf americano (with just a leeeetle steamed half-and-half) I was struck with a very sudden, very strong urge to edit my new book.

I will begin Saturday, I think.

You want some updates? Yay!

I heard back from the Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf! I’m on their e-mail list to start taking ASL classes in January. I am so stoked.

I have a couple of ideas to change little things. And I have a big idea for a big scene. (Fireworks, anyone?)

We had a friend stay with us for a week. My husband kept calling her Robin (the name of my female MC). 🙂

This will be the first time I’ve edited without printing the book out first. It just costs too much money, and I’ve found that I do better with the ability to instantly edit, anyway. Do any of my friends out there do computer-only editing? How does that work for you?

Urban Impact (the organization that does Shakes) has their annual Light the Night Christmas concert tonight and Sunday night. I have been coerced into stage crew, hehe. 🙂 This beautiful poster was designed by my handsome husband. (He also designed the Shakes posters here and here)

Oo... pretty...

This weekend will be funderful! [sic]



9 thoughts on “I have this burning desire to… EDIT! (no, really)

  1. Writerlious says:

    Before now, I’ve printed it out to edit on the first pass. (A complete read-through). But then all my re-reads and revisions after that are done on the computer.

    Let me know how it works and if you think there’s any difference. I about choked when I had to pay $40 to print my last MS out at Staples. Gah!

    • Laura Lee Anderson says:

      I know- it was the price tag that did it for me, too. So far, I’ve just been using the “comment” function on Word, (mostly just saying “fix,” “fix,” “fix”) so I don’t get bogged down in actually re-writing as I do my first read-through.

  2. michelsauret says:

    The best thing to do is use track changes on a word doc. But don’t discount the use of a professional editor. Its costly but definitely worth it to get your manuscript as clean as possible.

    But also I’ve printed my manuscript out twice because for me its easier to see and catch things on paper and a red pen

    • Laura Lee Anderson says:

      It seems to be going pretty well on Word with tracking my changes and writing comments- there are huge chunks that are totally missing, (marked, “something needs to go here…”) which makes me smile. Onward and upward, first draft!

  3. Wren (@WrenDoloro) says:

    Hey seriously try uploading it to CreateSpace and having a proof shipped to your house. It will probably be about ten dollars. I have also gotten friends who work at big companies to print my manuscript for me on their superprinters…

    Lately I have been trying to finish my NaNoWriMo but have also been drawn to my prenano book for editing. The Hobbit actually inspired me a lot.

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