A year of firsts…

I guess I should do a year in review before it’s 2013. So here’s a list of firsts!

This  year I…

* Finished my first book, and finished it good. I’m really proud of Bleeder.

* Learned how to maintain a mohawk haircut (not my own).

* Wrote my first query letter. And re-wrote it. And re-wrote it again.

* Baked bread. A lot of bread.

* Got my first rejection from an agent. And my first request for a full. (and more of each of those…)

* Produced the most wonderful production of Julius Caesar that has ever been done.

* Discovered Writers Market.

* Wrote the first draft of my second book. And fell in love with it.

* Found a bank account from high school which proved very useful when our car refused to start.

* Bought a minivan.

* Subscribed to blogs on writing and Deaf culture.

* Played kickball on the Mall at Washington, DC on Thanksgiving.

* Received many generous gifts, including the famed Writer Mug I coveted.

* Began putting my shoes on the bed when I leave the house. (my doggie, consequently, developed a taste for shoes…)

* Worked a regular weekday shift at a job for the first time.

* Started this blog.

I hope that 2013 is just as wonderful as 2012! I can’t wait to see what firsts are in store for me next year… *ahem* this year. Happy New Year!


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