Do I know you…?

Do any other writers see their characters walking around?

I mean, seriously, it seems like everywhere I go I try not to stare at some poor soul because they look exactly like one of the characters in my book. Usually it’s the book I’m working on whose characters I see.

For example, the teenaged host working at Outback Steakhouse the other day looked almost exactly like Carter. I would crane my head to watch him move from table to table and repeatedly poke my sister-in-law whispering, “That’s him! That’s the boy from my book!”

No, he wasn't doing this.

No, he wasn’t doing this.

The girl playing keyboard at my in-laws’ church looked almost exactly like Robin. Again, I poked my sister-in-law and whispered, “That’s her! That’s Robin! The girl from my book!” I couldn’t take my eyes off her. And because of that girl, Robin can now play the keyboard (along with her litany of other instruments) and I might, might just give her glasses.



But yesterday was a blast from the past. A guy walked into the coffee shop- blonde hair, blue eyes, fair skin. His hair was perfect. He wore a dress coat, khakis, and a button-down. He smiled and when he spoke, he was soft and polite. That’s right, folks, Tristan from Bleeder walked into my shop yesterday. Yes, it was an adult (baby-faced, barely adult) Tristan, but it was Tristan nonetheless.

In the coffee shop!

In the coffee shop!

If I had a fancy phone, I might have snuck pictures of these look-alikes so I could show you all! But instead, you’ll just have to make do with the pictures.

Oh! The Tristan guy came in again! He’s here right now! Aaaahhhhh!!! Gotta go. 🙂


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