I can speak with my hands!

Here are some words that I can say: bathroom, thank you, practice, how (in fact, I know all of the question words- I just don’t really know how to answer any of the questions), high school, sister (which is a lot harder than you might think), fine, lousy… and a whole lot more!

Last night’s class was  awesome. Our teacher, unfortunately, hurt his hand so he couldn’t teach this week. 😦 He pointed to a different teacher, however, and told me that I was in his class! Different teacher, but the same kind, patient, good-natured spirit. And we got a syllabus this week, which was great.

A few things surprised me:

1) My hands didn’t hurt but my head did! My hands were fine- they’re used to typing and pulling espresso shots and walking an 80-pound mastador- but my poor, sad, routine-oriented brain was thrown for a loop.

The aforementioned 80-pound mastador

The aforementioned 80-pound mastador

2) I kept remembering random Spanish words. I guess the language center of my brain was a-hoppin’ because Spanish words that I hadn’t thought about in 10 years kept popping to the forefront of my brain.

3) My eyes actually hurt. Yes, my eyes. I was boring holes through my instructor’s hands with every new sign. I was boring holes through my classmates’ hands whenever we had to practice. I think my husband put it best when he said, “Of course they hurt! It’s like they’ve been trying to slow time for two hours!”

I am filing this all away. Loving every minute.


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