Idea seeds

The seed of the idea for Yellow Bike walks into my coffee shop frequently.

You see, when I first started working here, a young deaf woman came in on Friday afternoons. Sometimes she’d bring her little Italian greyhound and wow us all as it obeyed commands in ASL. Probably the cutest thing ever.

So cute.

So cute.

Anyway, she came in every week and all I could say in her language was thank-you.

Not very helpful when you’re taking a coffee order.

That was about three years ago. Three years ago! Since then, I’ve waited on several deaf customers and all I’ve been able to say is thank-you. They, of course, were kind enough to write down their orders or have a hearing friend translate.

There was no precipitating event that caused the dream that became Yellow Bike. I guess all those encounters had been floating around my consciousness, waiting for the perfect moment.

I was spending the night at my parent’s house when I woke up from the most vivid dream- a deaf guy had come into my coffee shop and all I could say was thank-you. And that was the dream! It was as simple as that! It was a situation that had played out in my life countless times, but it had never seemed so real as in that dream. The only difference was that in the dream, there was an instant attraction to this guy.

So I wrote it out! And the idea began to morph and morph until it became set in a small-down diner, and the girl was a folk musician, and the boy was wealthy and cultured.

I wrote the whole first draft in November, and edited until about… a month ago. It’s currently halfway through the first revision, sitting in a flash drive, molding, which is sad.

But you know what’s awesome? I see the young deaf woman every Wednesday- she’s one of my ASL teachers.

And now when she comes to the coffee shop, we chat!


4 thoughts on “Idea seeds

  1. cgiovanniwrites says:

    Awesome story! I just got an Italian grey hound–mine doesn’t listen to me talk, let alone sign–maybe it’s because she’s a pup…but she chews everything and howls…and barks when she wants your attention!!!

  2. Writerlious says:

    This is so cool. I love to hear how story ideas come to people. I can’t wait to see the finished version.

    I hope our circle keeps swapping so I get to read this or Bleeder! 🙂

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