Pennwriters ahoy!

Last year around this time, I registered for the 2012 Backspace Conference in NYC. It was, in a word, awesome. I met the lovely ladies of The Club, got some valuable feedback on my work, made a couple of connections, and made a few mistakes. I think some of those are chronicled here.

Most importantly, though, I learned that the answer is: No. Writers are not huggers. 


So when Backspace rolled around again this year, I was seriously considering going. For one thing, I work best under a deadline and Yellow Bike needs to be finished! Plus, I had such a great time last year! It was tempting, but there were a couple of things holding me back- the money was one (NYC prices on Pittsburgh barista tips…), timing was another (right before Shakes), and distance was yet another- if my husband were to come with me he would have to use valuable vacation days (baby in September, remember?). Plus, none of my Club ladies are going this year!

What to do?

Enter Writer’s Digest magazine. They featured a conference- the 2013 Pennwriters conference, to be exact, in their Feb/March issue. (I only just saw it because I only just crawled out from my non-writer rock long enough to catch up on such things). The price is Pittsburgh prices, not NYC prices, the timing is the week before Backspace, and the location is a 30-minute drive from my house. Perfect, perfect, perfect.

And that was before I saw that, included in the price is: a 15-minute one-on-one meeting with an industry professional, a pitch session, a read-and-critique of my first three pages, 2 meals, and over 50 seminar and workshop options.

Pennwriters, here I come!


4 thoughts on “Pennwriters ahoy!

  1. mysticcooking says:

    Sounds like a great compromise! Yeah, I thought about going to Backspace again – loved it last year, and I felt like I learned a lot, but I ended up not going for a lot of the same reasons as you and went to a more local conference instead. It was definitely a different atmosphere, but I still enjoyed it.

    Looking forward to hearing about Pennwriters! 🙂

  2. Writerlious says:

    So exciting!! It will be good to get another conference perspective too. I’m going to try out a local conference this summer too. And it’ll be WAAAYYY cheaper than NYC was. 🙂

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