And the house falls into disrepair…

A couple weeks ago, my husband said this, “I love it when you start writing again. The house gets so clean!”

He was referring, of course, to my favorite procrastination technique: cleaning.

And he’s right! When I start writing, the house is spotless! It’s when I’m in the middle of writing, or when I’m near the end of a goal or a project that the house begins to fall apart.

Anyway, time to quit blogging- I  don’t want to waste my words when I’ll need them later today for Yellow Bike!


What are your favorite procrastination techniques? What is the state of your house when you’re in the middle of a project?

(Oh, and I have a regular column at called, “Diary of Your Pregnant Wife.” If you wanna see 5 Unexpected Pregnancy Expenses, check it out here!)


2 thoughts on “And the house falls into disrepair…

    • Laura Lee Anderson says:

      So true! Thankfully, we get around that by not having the internet at home, hehe… At least not for now. Once I leave the coffee shop (this is my last week!) we’ll probably get the internet at the house. We just don’t want to deal with a stinky cable company!

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