She’s ba-ack! (until the baby arrives)

Well! I have been more than absent recently! And with good reason.
First of all, a catch-up:

* Shakes was a smashing success. Over 600 people came out to see Much Ado About Nothing over the course of our two-day run. The most common compliment was, “It gets better every year,” which is awesome, because we were afraid it couldn’t get much better than Caesar last year. Now we’re afraid that whatever comes next year will have a hard time keeping up! I’ll write more about it later.

Our inner-city neo-folk Much Ado About Nothing.

From left to right: Claudio, Hero, Borachio, Don Pedro (the Prince), Conrade, Dogberry, Benedick, Beatrice, Margaret, Leonato, Ursula, Watchman 1, Watchman 2.

* During Shakes, I changed the ending of Yellow Bike. I like it a lot more now. I also just finished an edit of it and sent it out to… somewhere. Let’s all sit back and hope for good things for Yellow Bike!

* I have not had the baby yet. Google is happily hanging out in my belly. His/her favorite things include: strawberries, ice cream, Chinese donuts (you know, from Asian buffets?) and keeping me awake with his/her antics all night long. Google is due on September 12th, but now that I’ve finished that Yellow Bike edit, that baby is welcome any time!

* Starting today, I will try to be a better blogger. I just really had to get that Yellow Bike edit done. Now that it’s done, I can blog ’til my heart’s content!


4 thoughts on “She’s ba-ack! (until the baby arrives)

  1. Elizabeth Geiger says:

    Yay for more blogging!! 🙂 I wish I could tell you I had a secret to blogging with a baby…but, alas, there isn’t one. I think I just enjoy it so much that I make it a priority. It is my little bit of a break in the middle of everything 🙂

  2. Writerlious says:

    September 12th!!! So soon! I’m so excited for you L.

    I am crossing my fingers and thinking lots of good thoughts about Yellow Bike. Here’s to hoping something special happens soon! Can’t wait to read more of your amazing stories. 🙂

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