Harry Potter Ate My Nano

I’ve got another excuse to add to my Nano list (in addition to the new baby, the kitchen renovation, and the cold).

Here it is: Harry Potter is eating my Nanowrimo.


You see, on Halloween, I dressed Google as Harry Potter.

Thanks to one of my students for the idea!

Thanks to one of my students for the idea!

This sparked the idea that perhaps, while I’m feeding little Google (not his name- I’m not that weird), I could read some Harry Potter! It’d been a while since I’d read HP but I’ve read them so many times (I even took a college class before book 6 came out), I thought it would be nice to re-read them while I’m feeding the baby. My reasoning was that they would be entertaining, but I could easily put them down since I’ve read them so many times before.

I have never been so wrong.

The Harry Potter books are just as addictive the umpteenth time through them as they were when I first started reading them in 2001.

I’m currently about 2/3 of the way through book 6, and it’s all I can do to rip myself away from it when I’m done feeding the wee babe.

Here’s a hint: If there are any major projects in your life that you’d like to get completed before certain milestones like, say, Thanksgiving or Christmas or THE END OF NOVEMBER, don’t touch a Harry Potter book. Just don’t.

*sigh* Time to write. This book won’t write itself.

Word count: 23,144.


2 thoughts on “Harry Potter Ate My Nano

  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    When I saw the name ‘Google’ I was like, “It has to be a nickname”. And then I read that it’s not his real name. Haha. I was so close to believing though, cause I’ve heard of parents naming their kids Asterisk.

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