Another verse

Remember this post? Where my Shakes student wrote a verse in rap about going back to school after quitting? Well, they won’t let her back in because there’s no room in the budget for fifth-year students. This is a girl who memorizes hundreds of lines of Shakespeare with ease. Who read the whole series of Anne of Green Gables in 6th grade. Who quit school in part because the dropout factory she attended wasn’t challenging enough for her. Anyway, she wrote another verse. Hope it inspires you in some way.

I tried to go to school, I’m knockin on their door. But their turnin me away, no love for me in school no more. So I’m stuck in square one, lookin at square two, wishing my gradma was here to tell me what to do. I’m prayin up to heaven, wishin on my God, hoping that he shows me the difference of right and wrong. But I feel like I’m alone, a success in disguise, but I know I’m a failure in everybody’s eyes.


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