Shakes DIY: Schedule stuff

So now that I’ve give you a few pep talks and told you how to make Shakespeare cool, let’s talk nitty-gritty.

What does a day at Shakes look like?

We run Shakes in the summer, four or five days per week for six or seven weeks,  so we have a ridiculous amount of time with our kids. Here’s what an average day looks like:

9:30 AM– Optional work-out. We work core mostly- abs, arms, some stretching… a great way to get in shape/stay in shape for the summer.

10:00 AM SHARP– We open with prayer. Urban Impact is a faith-based holistic ministry and we believe that the body, mind, AND soul are important! If you’re late for prayer, you’re considered late (remind me to do a post on how we get kids there on time!)

10:10 AMActing Class starts. Each year’s acting classes are tailored to the students we have and the play we’re performing. We’ve done everything from zip-zap-zop and volume exercises to Viewpoints and Laban.

10:55 AMBreak. ‘Cause they gotta check their phones sometime!

11:05 AMEnglish Class. Our incredible English teacher tailors each year’s focus to the group and the play. We learn everything from deciphering the text to the Great Chain of Being!

11:50 AM- Break. Again with the phones…

12:00 PMBible Study. The soul is important! We split guys and girls during most of the week so they can concentrate better and speak more freely. We come together once a week to do a group study.

12:30 PMLunch. We are blessed to be able to feed our kids alongside the church’s summer day camps! Our food is provided through SNAP.

1:00 PMRehearsal. We rehearse in a space that is separate from our performance space. Like a professional theatre company, we tape the outline of the already-designed set onto the carpet of our rehearsal room. The kids who aren’t in rehearsal are memorizing their lines or running scenes in rehearsal rooms.

3:50 PM- Prayer again. We meet together to say goodbye.

4:00 PM– Students are dismissed.

And that’s when the real work for the adults begins- tech-ing an entire show.

Let me know if you have any questions and good luck with your own schedule!


2 thoughts on “Shakes DIY: Schedule stuff

  1. Sara Whitford says:

    Oh, wow! Prayer + Bible study, along with making Shakespeare accessible to kids — what a great concept! I love it. 🙂

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