I’m ba-ack! (again)

Hello folks! Thanks for your patience as I took a little break from blogging. During that break, I finished a first draft, was cast in a play, and survived the holidays. Huzzah!

Time for the news:

*This site is old and needs to be not-so-old. I will endeavor to fix it up a little.

*If I ever want a website without …wordpress.com at the end, I need to change the domain name. Ah well, such is life. I’m okay with that.

*Shakes is doing The Merchant of Venice this summer! August. Pittsburgh. Be there.

*I am communicating with my editor and hope to give some Yellow Bike news soon! (Still so excited to be able to say that)

*I’m in a writing group! Of my own creation! I’ve made writing friends! It’s a dream come true.

*I may be on a panel at a writers’ conference this summer! Crazy.

*Beta-readers are asking about the future of Bleeder. #maybesomeday

*Oh! I joined Twitter. @LLAWrites.

*Google is so old- almost 16 months now. And he has a cold.

*My life is bonkers as I try to figure out bus schedules and babysitters so I can do this play. (Prussia 1866! It’s funny! At the Pittsburgh Playhouse in February!)

Okay, time is limited so I’ve gotta look at some new themes.


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