Ebook Myths Debunked

As a soon-to-be published E-book first author, I’ve heard a lot of reasons why people haven’t picked up an ebook. Here are five of those… debunked. 🙂

1) “I don’t have a Kindle/Nook/E-reader.”
You don’t need one! There are e-reading apps available for your phone or tablet in every app store. Just search “e-reader” and you’ll be able to download one for free.

2) “All those books are self-published. I don’t want to read vanity press.”
Well, for one thing, self-publishing of today is not the vanity press of yesterday. Many of today’s indie authors are investing (money as well as blood, sweat, and tears) in freelance editors, formatters, and cover designers to give you a fantastic reading experience.
Also, every book that is being printed on paper is also being published in ebook today. Even by the Big 5 publishers. ESPECIALLY by the Big 5 publishers!

3) “I do most of my reading at the library.”
Libraries have thousands of titles on ebook. And they’re often easier to procure and return (no trips to the library involved- just download it from your computer!). Your librarian would be happy to help you check out your first ebook.

4) “I don’t even know how to buy an ebook!”
Once you’ve downloaded your e-reading app, use it to browse through the corresponding store (Amazon, Nook, iBook, etc). You’ll see pictures of the cover and be able to read blurbs from the back of the book, and sometimes the first few pages! Just like if you were sitting at your own local bookstore.

5) “I prefer to shop locally.”
And then there was the Kobo. 🙂 Some local bookstores have a deal with Kobo e-readers- you buy the e-reader from their store and they get half of the profits from every single book you buy! You can shop locally and still read an ebook.

What ebook myths have you debunked recently?


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