Song of Summer is here!!!

Today is the release date for Song of Summer!song of summer coverFor all of you lovely people who pre-ordered, the book is on your e-reader at this very moment! For all of you lovely people who didn’t, here are links to order it!
Click here to order on Kindle from Amazon.
Click here to order on Nook from Barnes and Noble.

Click here to order from Kobo.
Click here to order from ibooks.

Now that THAT’S out of the way, here’s what reviewers are saying about Song of Summer! (WARNING: Some of these reviews are pretty spoiler-y, so if you want to keep the plot a surprise, read the reviews AFTER reading the book!)

Okay, so… I LOVED this book. LOVED IT. It’s past 4am right now as I’m typing this – that’s how much I loved it.” – Thu from Transitive Verve (click here for full review)

“This book is the perfect summer read. I mean it, it’s kind of like summer exhaled and this book came about.” -Laura from Ink Stains and Books (click here for full review)

“While the romance aspect makes brings a lighter aspect to the story, it also offers a thought-provoking look into the life of someone who is hearing impaired, and the difficulties they experience in attempting to navigate a world that caters to those who can hear.” -Katie from Shelfishly Addicted (click here for full review)

“Now this is romance! Meet my newest book boyfriend, Carter, and, yes, I’m willing to share him with you.” -Nicole from Handheld Dream (click here for full review)

“The diversity in this family was such an amazing aspect to this story.” -Rosie from Rosie Reads (click here for full review)

And now for some pictures!

Carter:                                                                Robin:

Carter  Robin Peters

His ride:                                                                              Her ride:

yellow ducati streetfighter 848 - Carter's motorcycle  2000 Subaru Outback- Robin's car.

For more pictures, go here!

And what about music? Let’s just say I listened to a LOT of folk while writing this book, but this song holds a special place in my heart (and this book):

For the rest of my Spotify playlist, click here!

And finally, thank you to everyone. I mean it. I wish I had more words to say but it’s almost midnight and I guess my brain is turning into a pumpkin.

And finally, to borrow from The Abridged Shakespeare Company: If you like it, tell your friends! If not, tell your enemies.

See you Westfielders tonight at the launch party! And I’ll see everybody else out in cyber-space!

Thanks again.

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