Deleted Scene for 51 Reviews!

Hello everyone!

It has been a crazy seven or so months since releasing SONG OF SUMMER! I have had the pleasure of seeing it recommended on Facebook, blogs, Twitter, Goodreads, and Amazon. I’ve gotten five star reviews and one star reviews, and more comments on the ending than I can count!

SONG OF SUMMER is currently being read by the Senior class at the Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf, where I took ASL classes and made some important beta-reading connections. The book also inspired one woman to stop in Westfield, NY on her trip to Niagara Falls. She just had to see the diner! My mother recently told me that the woman who inspired the character of Violet was excited to recognize the fictionalized version of herself, and I was thrilled when the owner of the restaurant that inspired the Grape Country Dairy attended my release party. I could not be happier with the response that it has gotten, which is why…


When SONG OF SUMMER reaches 51 reviews on Amazon, I will release a never-before-seen deleted scene from the original book!

Now I can’t say much about it, but I will say that this is a chapter from Carter’s perspective that was in the second draft of SONG OF SUMMER. And it involves funnel cake.

So here’s how it works:

  1. If you have read the book (and only if you’ve read the book!), go to the SONG OF SUMMER page on Amazon and click “Write a Customer Review.”
  2. Write your honest review! It can be two sentences or two hundred! It can be anywhere between one and five stars! Did you love parts of it? Hate parts of it? Love themes? Hate themes? Characters? Setting? Was the book just *meh?*Tell the world!
  3. When SONG OF SUMMER hits 51 reviews on Amazon, I will release the deleted scene right here on my blog! Why 51? Well, you see, Amazon’s algorithms do something special when a book hits 50 reviews. In short, it will really help my ability to reach new readers.

SONG OF SUMMER is currently at 47 reviews. That means we only need four more reviews to get that extra scene. I’ll update you here and on Twitter (@LLAWrites) as the reviews pour in.

Come on, internet! Let’s do this!

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