Sample Query Critique

 My first book was called BLEEDER. This is the first query I ever wrote.

Now, years later, I’m critiquing it.

Screenshot 2015-02-23 16.10.28 (2)

One-pass Query Critique: $25.00
Three-pass Query Critique: $50.00
-Turnaround time: Skip the queue! 48 hours for each pass-
      A good query letter grabs the attention of the reader and leaves them begging for more. Following industry best practices and conventions, I will help you find the essence of your story so you can best exhibit it to agents or editors.

*1st pass: Examines hook, content, and plot. I’ll give my real-time reactions in comment boxes. You’ll also receive a detailed questionnaire explaining what your query shows regarding your characters, stakes, action, plot, and genre and where it can be improved. I’ll leave comments on your grammar and punctuation as well as your bio, and include a summary email as well.

*2nd pass: Corrects hook, content, and plot. After you complete your questionnaire and revamp your query, I’ll help you make it more active, interesting, and immediate. This pass will focus on letting your voice shine.

*3rd pass: Polishes. Focusing on word choice, punctuation, and final details, we’ll polish your query from the opening sentence to your bio and have you ready to submit!

To order a One-pass or Three-pass Query Critique, email me at lauralee.edits[at] Tell me your genre and word count, but don’t tell me much about the plot or story! I want to cold read your query, like an agent or editor.
Payment is handled through PayPal invoice. Payment for query critiques is due at the start of the project.

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