Sample Query Critique

 My first book was called BLEEDER. This is the first query I ever wrote.

Now, years later, I’m critiquing it.

Screenshot 2015-02-23 16.10.28 (2)

One-pass Query Critique: $25.00
A query letter is like an audition- it should show you at your best. A good query letter grabs the attention of the reader and leaves them begging to know what happens next. I will help you find the essence of your story so you can best exhibit it to agents or editors without any rookie mistakes. A One-pass Query Critique includes:
*One pass: Examining hook, content, and plot. After a query cold-read, I’ll give my real-time reactions in comment boxes. I’ll also complete a questionnaire telling you what I’ve learned about your characters, stakes, action, plot, and genre. I’ll comment on your grammar and punctuation as well as your bio.

To order a One-pass Query Critique, email me at lauralee.edits[at] Tell me your genre and word count, but don’t tell me much about the plot or story! I want to cold read your query like an agent or editor would.

To see other critique/editing services, go here!


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