Sample Sentence Edit

My first book was called BLEEDER. These are the first three pages of my second draft.

Screenshot 2015-02-23 16.53.02 (2)
Screenshot 2015-02-23 16.53.13 (2)
Screenshot 2015-02-23 16.53.26 (2)

Sentence Edit for 50 pages or a Full Manuscript: $.012/word (approx. $3.00/page)
-Turnaround time: Three or four weeks from your place in the queue-
      This little beauty is what makes my Critique Partners love/hate me. After formatting your manuscript for submission with a proper font, spacing, paragraphs, headers, indents, chapter titles, etc. I’ll comb through it line-by-line. From noting awkward sentences to fixing punctuation, every part of your manuscript will be put under the microscope. This package includes:

*Formatting your document to ready it for submission.
*Real-time reactions- both constructive and encouraging- as comments in the sidebar of the Word document.
*Highlighting sentence-level problems, and suggesting fixes.
*Correcting punctuation, spelling, grammar, and typos (with Track Changes in the Word document).

To order a Sentence Edit, email me at lauralee.edits[at] and tell me about yourself and your project! Payment is handled through Paypal invoice. Half will be due upon starting the project, and the other half upon completion.

To see more query/ms edit options, click here!

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