What My Clients Are Saying

Over half of my business is repeat business, and here’s why:

“Laura is an incredible critiquer. Her detailed eye catches plot holes, and her understanding of pacing, humor, and emotional impact is incredible. Working with her has amped up my story 100%.
She is also incredibly talented at finding ways to whittle down wordcount, by suggesting more active verbs, or ways to condense two “mini-scenes” into one. Her suggestions helped me cut over 3k!
As for queries… you want her eyes on your query. She turns them into gold.”
-Carrie Ann (@writer_carrie) (author of BROODING YA HERO: BECOMING A MAIN CHARACTER –Skypony 2017)

If you’d like an extra set of eyes on your manuscript, Laura’s your editor. She’s professional, efficient, communicative, and exceedingly thorough. I couldn’t believe the depth of her edit letter… especially given the reasonable pricing! She also possesses an innate ability to understand your novel’s heart — her suggestions are centered around enhancing the story you want to tell, so that it remains yours, but refined. The quick turnaround time was a bonus! I absolutely cannot recommend her enough.”
-Melissa Bowers, now represented by Jill Marr of Sandra Dijskra Literary Agency

“Choosing Laura’s editing services was the best decision I made for my manuscript. Her line edits were fantastic, her developmental edits were spot on, and she was incredibly communicative and supportive throughout the whole process.
Laura didn’t just polish the first 50 pages I sent her into something fun and easy to read; she polished the entire plot. Laura dove deep, analyzing characters, motivations, arcs, and conflicts, offering wonderful insights and suggestions. She really just gets the work authors send her, and it shows in her line edits. Laura has the sort of attention to detail that’s so rare in the general editing market, and at such a fair price.
And don’t even get me started on her query critiques. Great stuff! She’s incredible with hooks, and has her pitching language down to a T. I highly recommend Laura to any writer looking to polish and publish their work.”
-Patrick Bohan, now represented by Stacey Kondla at The Rights Factory

“I’ll be in touch for future collaboration. Your help has been extremely insightful, and levels above other editors I have worked with.”
– Eric Springer

“You have done wonders for me, and I am hopeful that I can get this MS more polished soon.”
-Kayla Bulster, now signed with Anaiah Press

“You have been AMAZINGLY helpful! I seriously cannot thank you enough!”
-Sam Wagner

Email me (lauralee.edits[at]gmail.com) to introduce yourself and your project!

All payments are handled through Paypal. If you’d like a query critique, however, please don’t give me any pitch or details beyond genre and word count. I’d like to cold-read the query, just like an agent or editor.

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