Photo Inspiration

So… when I write, I like to know what the person looks like. Like, in my head. So I can see their facial expressions and stuff. Sometimes I see a person that I know and write it for them. Sometimes I see the character first and try to find a picture to match. Anyway, here are some photo inspirations for my first book, Bleeder. (To the people I know personally- remember, it’s the look I’m using- not you yourself!)

Angela Brandt: 16- the one the whole story’s about. Determined. Quick-thinking. Broken, but healing.



Kenneth: 16- punk. Reckless. Self-sacrificing.



Billy: 17- Shakespeare fan. Stoic. Capable.



Edan: 12- mega-hacking millionaire. Incorrigible. Bouncy. Confident.



Tristan:  14- sensitive, unsure, the golden boy



Sgt. First Class Franklin Auger: Vietnam Veteran. Ex Green Beret. Out for revenge.



Dr. Lucinda Ferrera: The head of CARI. Conniving. Brilliant. Evil. A handprint is burned across her beautiful face.


If you were to read my book, these are the people you would read about. And I do know most of them! All but good ol’ Mr. Liam Neeson and Billy’s first picture- a friend gave me that picture.

Now off to write the second one…

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